Having trouble starting your day in the mornings? Keep reading to learn how taking 10 minutes in the morning for yourself can save you hours, make your day more productive, and ensure you’re in a better mood throughout the entire day.
  1. Grab yourself a cup of green tea, close your eyes, smile and visualize your day. Green tea helps metabolize fat, so aids in weight loss, inhibits digestion, and helps absorb the iron from your meals. If you don’t like green tea, try drinking a cup of hot water with fresh squeezed lemon. Hot water and lemon is actually the best thing you can put on your empty stomach first thing in the morning. (Side note: If you add lemon to boiling hot water, it’ll kill the nutrients. Make sure to let it cool down a bit first.)
  2. Smiling puts your brain in a positive state of mind. Even if you’re not in the mood or you don’t feel happy, the brain cannot detect a fake smile, so you’ll trick your brain into thinking you’re happy.
  3. Wake up with gratitude. Think about a few things each morning that you are grateful for. These can be small things or big things. You can even keep a notebook and write down three things a day that you’re grateful for. Maybe you’ll start repeating some things, but at least you’ll be reminding yourself to be thankful.
  4. Plan out your day and visualize yourself doing the items on your to-do list. Think about what you’ll do, what you’ll eat, and what you need to do to make your day successful. Visualizing your day will help you plan your day better, and you’ll have a much more productive day. I like to visualize my workouts. I visualize the exercises I’ll be doing and the reps I’ll be struggling with, but pushing through. I visualize how amazing I’ll feel once my workout is complete.Planning out what I’ll eat throughout the day helps keep me on track with my healthy eating habits. I make sure I know what I’ll have each meal and give myself time to prepare my snacks for the day. If I need to go to the store or if I’ll be eating out, I make sure to include time to do that in my plan. It also helps to plan the night before. Take about 10 minutes to plan the next day, hour for hour, meals included. That 10 minutes could save you hours the next day. Write down everything you’ll do tomorrow from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Then cross things off the list as you get them done. You can even go a step further, as to include what you’ll wear, how you’ll do your hair and what you’ll eat throughout the day. Actually write it down so you get a little more motivation each time you complete something on the list and get to cross it off.
  5. Set mini goals for the day. Ask yourself: “What will make my day successful? What can I do today that’ll make me feel accomplished?” Write down a couple things, which if you complete you’ll be able to lay in bed at the end of the day and smile, knowing you had a successful day. Remember multiple small steps add up to big progress. Do something every day that’ll inch you closer to a better tomorrow.