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Programs designed with your goals in mind. Easy-to-use app allows you to have your training plan in the palm of your hands! 

Customized meal plan is included with your training plan!

Workout where you want when you want! Choose between home and gym workouts. 


Online training is what everybody is raving about! A personal trainer who’s available to you at all times! It doesn’t get any better than that. When you hire a personal trainer at a gym, you meet them, do your hour workout and go home. You don’t get to interact with that trainer until your next workout-meeting with them.

With online training, you have access to your trainer 24/7. You can direct message me anytime. Plus, not only do you get a full customized workout plan, but you also receive a meal plan, nutrition guidance, weekly check-ins and supplement recommendations.

 I only work with a select few individuals each month, so I can focus on the needs of every client. My clients actually love this and many have told me they enjoy working with someone who genuinely cares. If you’re looking for a quick-fix or a 30 day challenge, I’m not your girl. I focus on creating a lifestyle change so you can experience lasting results. Are you determined, committed, and ready to feel amazing in your own body? Apply for my program today!


She changed my life… I wouldn’t touch a vegetable with a 10-foot pole, but after having her teach me how to eat properly with vegetables, it really transformed my life. I began eating them more. I had more energy. I felt more alive! She’s amazing. Be ready to be transformed!

Shannon Hageman

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