Lomax Method Client Results

Jacqueline is “the ONLY person to get any weight off of me in the last 4 years and that includes a medical weight loss doctor.”


” I wish everyone had the opportunity to work with you! Your program is the best!”

Lost weight with hypothyroidism!

One month between photos!

3 weeks between photos!

And there’s more…


“I can not contain my excitement! I can’t believe in 2 weeks, I lost 6 lbs and 3 inches off my waist! Thank you Jacqueline!!!

Stephanie H.

“Even though it’s only been 3-4 days, I notice how my bloating went down. I feel amazing!

Kaitlin Jones

“4 weeks of meal prep and workout plan. My waist is down 1.5 inches to 26.” My underarm skin is def a lot tighter. It doesn’t flap anymore. I love my waist!”

Kim Collier

I have a lot more energy now and I’m not as bloated or constipated. That’s a huge plus! Thank you Jacqueline for everything. I feel really good. I have noticed my stomach has gone down.

Miriam A.

“I love the workouts. Jacqueline is super supporting, smart, and straight-forward. As a woman, I get so frustrated with “girly” workouts and plans that are too easy and not really serious in the approach.”

Kate B.


“I’m down 14.5 pounds since the start (in two weeks)!!! Feeling great!”

Joel W.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workouts and encouragements… I am a born athlete, very active, and don’t sit still well. I suffered a foot crush injury back in March ( which will never heal completely ) and hadn’t worked out in almost 6 months, almost to the point of depression… With Jacqueline’s encouragements, the programs flexibility, and progressing levels of exertion, I was able to start working out again. I am in great shape now and have been able to play hockey, and with my kids again! Thank you Jacqueline for the encouragement and frequent texts!

I started out at 217 maybe a month before program began and i was able to maintain the 30 plus pounds I’ve lost! Thanks Lomax it’s been a great journey and I’m ready for more.

Survey Says…

The following are responses are from an anonymous survey from participants of the Lomax Method

“Yes, you don’t think to prepare for eating like you prepare for work they go hand in hand it’s a lifestyle and self care is so important.”
“Yes. It’s simple to follow and understand”
“I would! I liked learning new exercises and found out that i really enjoy working out in circuits.”
“Yes i would because its motivational and effective.”
Yes because it was very informative and we were given 1 on 1 attention.”
Yes. This program is easy to follow and the meals are easy to find to eat on the road.

“Yes, I enjoyed the program and considering continuing for another 3-6 months”

Yes. This program is easy to follow and the meals are easy to find to eat on the road.
“Yeah, especially for beginners who want to get into working out and understanding nutrition. The workouts were good, especially to mix things up.”
“Yes, if you want to lose weight the meal plan is the best I’ve had”

“I enjoyed it as someone who only knows how to do cardio when it comes to the gym, so it was nice having a premade plan with instructional videos.”

Yes, Jacqueline was always on the spot with answering questions or concerns of mine… I have a crushed foot so I had to modify some of the exercises. The program was at your pace, on your time, and could be done with just body weight if needed.”

Absolutely. You are a great trainer and you were always there to answer our questions and motivate us.”

“Yes, if you want to lose weight the meal plan is the best I’ve had”

“The motivation and knowledge from instructor also the results!”

“It gave me the flexibility to do the workouts on my time and NOT have to go to the gym”
“I learned more about what I should and shouldn’t eat. The exercises were challenging.”
I loved that most workouts could be done anywhere and that Jacqueline was able to provide substitution ideas when free weights weren’t available.
“Workouts were good & phase 3 was very challenging.”
“The circuits. I really liked workouts for weeks 1-3 and 4-6. I liked that the first section was hard but also easing you into the program. The second section was my favorite because it built off the first section and also introduced reps.”
“How detailed it was. The exercises used. The combination of exercises.”
“How detailed it was. The exercises used. The combination of exercises.”
As a whole my lifestyle has changed for better goodbye 👋🏽 heavy weight hello future 6 packs!
Jacqueline is very knowledgeable, and gets very excited to see check ins… I would receive texts with congratulations and encouragements as I would finish up with a workout… She would also check in with me regularly to see how things were going

“Great. Enjoyed the entire program.”
“Great overall experience.”

“Challenging and a learning experience!”

“Fun and challenging. Was able to make where my significant other and I could do the workouts and challenge each other to complete each exercise.”

Learned a lot about nutrition and highly recommend it to others.”

Overall I really enjoyed it. The workouts were very challenging.”


Yes. This program is easy to follow and the meals are easy to find to eat on the road.


“Eye opening

“25 lbs LOST! Awesome.”

“Great program. Looking forward to working with Jaqueline more so I can get my diet in check and continue the workouts.”


Lomax method

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